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Roto Grip Wrecker Bowling Ball

  Roto Grip Wrecker
The Wrecker features the late rolling Neutron core -  good length and
strong down-lane motion.
Combine the brand new hybrid coverstock with the proven control of the Neutron core, and the all-new Wrecker gives you earlier and more stable reaction than its wrecking mate, the Shatter, in medium-to-light oil. Lane Condition - Medium/Light Oil
Rotogrip Wrecker Bowling Ball Core

Ball Color: Blue / White
Coverstock: 52Ml Hybrid Reactive
Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polish
Track Flare Potential: 4-5 inches (Med)
Recommended Conditions: Medium to Light Oil

Roto Grip Deranged Bowling Ball   Roto Grip  Deranged
   The Deranged features the Middle Roll 70 core made famous by the Disturbed.

The 61MH Pearl Reactive Coverstock provides great length and backend on Medium
oil conditions for those times when the Disturbed and Berserk are hooking too early.
Roto Grip Deranged Core

Coverstock: 61MH Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Middle Roll 70 Sym.
Ball Color: Green/White
Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polished
RG Differential: .043
Recommended Conditions: Medium Oil Volumes


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Bowling Lessons

BowlersMap Gold

Strikers Pro Shop offers Certified bowling Coaching with Bowlers Map Gold Video coaching software and Ebonite Blueprint ®   Bowling Ball motion simulation software.

Bowling Lessons are scheduled with a lead time of 1 week. Call 757-468-6195 to set up your on-lane bowling lessons.

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