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Morich Aggressive Motion

  Morich Aggressive Motion
With MoRich's HUGE symmetrical core, they have created a ball that starts up in the midlane, hooks a lot on the backend and has tremendous hitting power.This ball is effective for higher speed and more rev challenged bowlers on all patterns
Morich Aggressive Motion Core

Color: Blue Solid/Blue Pearl/Silver Pearl
Cover Stock: Hi-Trac
    Weight Block: Quantum
    Reaction: Strong Continuous Hook
    Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.5
    Differential (Diff): 0.052
    Condition: Higher Oil Volumes

Morich Frenzy

  Morich  Frenzy
  Featuring our PATENTED “AWAKENING” Asymmetrical Core design and our REBOUND REACTIVE PEARL cover, FRENZY delivers a BACKEND reaction that will be RIVALED BY NONE and ENVIED BY ALL! FRENZY means BACKEND.
Frenzy Core

    Color: Orange/ Yellow
Average Spin Time: 6.8 Sec
Asymmetrical Diff. 0.11
Mass Bias Diff. .045
RG: 2.526
Finish: 4000 Grit


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Bowling Lessons

BowlersMap Gold

Strikers Pro Shop offers Certified bowling Coaching with Bowlers Map Gold Video coaching software and Ebonite Blueprint ®   Bowling Ball motion simulation software.

Bowling Lessons are scheduled with a lead time of 1 week. Call 757-468-6195 to set up your on-lane bowling lessons.

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