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Hammer Deadly Aim

  Hammer Deadly Aim
    The Deadly aim features a new flex-resin poured Dead-center core system that positions a superdense mass near the center of the ball, creating better energy flow throughout the ball. Then we reinforced the outer core with one of the most durable products in the world, carbon-fiber, to create extreme energy recoil upon impact at the pins.
Deadly Aim Core

    Color: Orange Red
    Primer Reactive (Carbon Fiber)
    Weight Block: Dead Center Core
    Reaction: Strong Continuous Hook
    Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.48
    Differential (Diff): 0.054
Best Lane Condition: Heavy Oil

Hammer Widow Legend

  Hammer Black Widow Legend
    The Black Widow Legend uses NBT Hybrid, the same aggressive and proven cover used on the First Blood and is the first Hybrid cover used on a Black Widow ball.  The aggressive polished cover, along with the most successful core in bowling history, the legendary Gas Mask core, provides an incredible move on the backend and through the pins. 
Hammer Widow Legend Core

    Color: Black/Red Pearl
    NBT Hybrid Reactive
    Weight Block:
    Gas Mask core
    Best Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil
    Radius of Gyration (RG):
    2.50 (15#)
    Differential (Diff): 0.058  (15#)


Hamer Widow Assassin  Bowling Ball

  Hammer Widow Assassin
    Black Widow Assassin pairs up two of our most popular components ever - the Widow core and the First Blood coverstock. Sanded in a 1000 grit polished finish, the Black Widow Assassin is one of the most aggressive and continuous hooking balls in the market today.
Hammer Widow Assassin Core
    Color: Red/Navy/Purple
    NBT Solid
     Weight Block: Gas Mask Core
    Flare Potential: High
    RG: 2.50
    Differential (Diff): 0.058  (15#)

Hamer Spike Bowling Ball

  Hammer Spike 
     Hammer’s got a new way to attack the pin deck with the new Hammer Spike. The Spike uses a high RG, high Differential core system that gives Hammer bowlers a new look at conquering drier lanes. Combined with the new carbon fiber outer core this ball is unstoppable. With our new technology we include a new 3-year warranty.
Hamer Spike Core

     Blue / Black
     Coverstock:  GTR III™ Pearl Reactive Weight Block: High RG / High Diff. Condition: Medium to Light Volumes Differential (Diff): 0.054  (15#)
    Rg Value:  
    2.56  (15#)

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Strikers Pro Shop offers Certified bowling Coaching with Bowlers Map Gold Video coaching software and Ebonite Blueprint ®   Bowling Ball motion simulation software.

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